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SELCHP in Open House London 2018
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SELCHP in Open House London 17 September 2017
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Using waste to provide energy for the community

Fraud alert

We have been made aware of a number of contacts being made with suppliers of equipment, allegedly on behalf of SELCHP, requesting provision of industrial products. The email address provided is associated with "" or "" domains that we do not administer. These requests are fraudulent. Please forward any such correspondence you might receive to ; an investigation is under way.


Using waste to provide energy for the community

*Rising waste production, diminishing landfill capacity and increasing regulation are issues which affect everyone. In a city the size of London, logistical problems of moving waste to a disposal site add more pressure to find sensible waste management solutions that address the "proximity principle"; minimising unnecessary transportation and taking responsibility for local waste production.


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What is SELCHP?
SELCHP is an Energy Recovery Facility built by the public & private sector.
Power & Heat for homes
District Heating
Supplying heat to homes in partnership with the London Borough of Southwark
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Take a tour
Take a virtual tour of SELCHP with our interactive plant schematic.