Community Benefits

On average, every household produces one tonne of waste a year. SELCHP can receive up to 464,000 tonnes of household waste per annum, directly from residents of Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Westminster and Bromley. SELCHP manages the waste in a sustainable way, achieving a number of key environmental objectives.

  • Energy is recovered from the waste, supplying enough electricity for 48,000 homes and heat and hot water for currently 2,800 homes.
  • One tonne of municipal solid waste is equivalent to 1⁄3 tonne of coal, so the facility has a significant role to play in reducing dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Waste is diverted from landfill, helping the residents of the London boroughs to meet government and European Directive targets.

The SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility was built to serve the community where it is located; taking into consideration the public's needs, not only in terms of waste treatment, but also through strict control of noise, traffic and odour. 
Throughout the working life of the facility, SELCHP has maintained a close relationship with the community. Events managed by SELCHP include an annual Open Day under the auspices of Open House London, regular student and university visits and the Community Fund award ceremony.