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Did you know?

Accepted Waste

Our facility is designed to handle and treat normal domestic refuse and similar waste. This is defined under 'acceptable' and 'unacceptable' waste below. 'Acceptable' waste means household waste and commercial waste (defined by the SELCHP Environment Agency Permit with reference to the European Waste Catalogue) which is considered suitable for incineration.

The type of waste that is accepted at SELCHP for treatment  is: 'waste and refuse normally collected and disposed of by residential households and commercial or institutional establishments'. This does not include wastes in quantities and concentrations which need special handling in their processing and disposal, for example bulky items, waste oil and other items of 'unacceptable' waste.

Acceptable wastes include:

Leaves, twigs, grass and plant cuttings, paper, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass and other materials that normally appear in household refuse

To avoid doubt, Hazardous Waste as defined by the Hazardous Waste Directive (Council Directive 91/689/ECJ) is not acceptable waste.