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District Heating Connection to SELCHP Turbine - 18/06/2013

The SELCHP Energy Recovery Facility in Deptford has succesfully made the connection to its turbine for the extraction of steam to power its District Heating Network. 

Working in partnership with the London Borough of Southwark a plan is underway to supply 2,500 Southwark properties on a 5km pipe work system with heat and hot water. This will assist in the councils fight against fuel poverty by making heat cheaper than gas and to provide low carbon heat, as the waste that SELCHP burn is about 60% renewable carbon.

Pipe system and equipment is currently being installed both at SELCHP and on several local estates, with a going live date of 31st October 2013. This addition to the current systems already in place will mean that more than 60% of homes in Southwark will be supplied by District heating.

The turbine connection is a critical part of the project because it requires modification of the SELCHP turbine to draw additional steam to power the District Heating Network. This step has been successfully realised and is an additional milestone that has been reached on the path towards full operation of the new network.

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